My favorite movie

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Well One of my all time favorite movie is Titanic because this movie is famous around the world and also in this movie we can see two aspectsone of them could be ; people was treated by their social status and another one is Love ,the way how two persons from different social class loveeach other because money don't make people happy, but they shared a lot of things although her mother didn't agree ,because she wanted someonerich for her daughter this movie is about a cruise ship bound to New York but the captain decided to change the course of the boat even hethought it could be faster but he was wrong , when they were near to the bancos de Terranova at night they didn't know about the icebergs around,suddenly the boat crashed with a big iceberg and the captain couldn't do anything to save them ,so he stayed inside and he died , there wereplenty of people who didn't know about the sinking of the boat ,there were a lot of people scared, confused and many of them decided to die ontheir own, jumping into the freezing waters and try to swim but They Couldn't do anything. They died of hypothermia. At least at the end of themovie,the two lovers were together for a little while until he died and she could survive .It's emocional to see, how people show their love nomatter what ! to take care of someone who really loves and to stay with somebody until the last day of your life.

Love is bigger than us
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