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Description of the dance
It is a theatrical dance forms that developed in Renaissance Italy (1300-1600). It is related in its origins with the technique of ballet is stylized movements and positionsthat have been elaborated and codified over the centuries within a well defined, yet flexible, called academic ballet, or dance school. The word ballet also applies to the group of artists thatrepresent it. Each composition is usually, though not inevitably, accompanied by the music, scenery and costumes. Toe dancing is often considered synonymous with the ballet, but ballet technique can beperformed without the dance ends. Because the steps were named and codified for the first time in France, French is the international language of ballet.
The earliest record of the ballet were thevarious representations that took place in the Italian Renaissance courts. These elaborate spectacles that encompassed painting, poetry, music and dance took place in spacious rooms that are used both forbanquets and for balls. A dance such as those performed in 1489 was executed at a banquet, and the action was closely related to the menu: for example, the story of Jason and the Golden Fleecepreceded the roast lamb. The dancers based their performance in the social dances of the time.
The modern ballet is a dance form scenic feature of the twentieth century. The modern ballet flourished mainlyin those countries lacking a strong tradition balletística. Although modern dance originated in Europe in 1930, the United States became the center for dance experimentation. Most of the first pieceswere single, highly intuitive but very gimmicky, unlike any type of dance known as the dance at that time was dominated by the last ballets of the nineteenth century is characterized by large casts,on the one variety of pieces danced and spectacular stage effects. But ballet was not always so monumental, and as the ballet has evolved over the centuries as a tradition changing, so has modern...
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