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AS I CLOSE OUT THIS SERMON, I want to share with you a true story borrowed from the pages of The Reader's Digest.  It's an account about a man in Manhattan by the name of Marcel Sternberger.             Marcel Sternberger was a creature of habit.  He used to take the 9:09 Long Island Railroad to Woodside every morning.  When you live in New York, you begin to live like a machine.  Everything is likeclock-work.  Even the delicatessen man learns just three words: "Thank you, Next."  Like rote, life goes on. 
            Again, Sternberger used to get on this 9:09 train to Woodside every day. Oneday he didn't do it.  He decided to go and visit a sickly friend who was dying. He wanted to pay him a visit because he knew he wouldn't be around that much longer. As a result, Marcel hops a differenttrain --- a train that he had never ridden before.  As he gets on another man gets up hurriedly to leave.  This leaves a vacant seat which Marcel manages to get.  Sitting next to him is a man who isreading a Hungarian newspaper.  Marcel Sternberger, being of Hungarian decent himself, eventually strikes up a conversation with the fellow.  He asks the stranger what he is doing in New YorkCity.  The brother replies that he is in the city looking for his wife.
            "What do you mean, you're looking for your wife?" 
            The stranger then said, "Well, my wife and I used to live inDubreken in Hungary.  During the war, I was taken away and made to work in the Ukraine burying the German dead.  In time I managed to escape and run back to freedom. When I returned home, I found thatmy wife had also been taken away by the Nazis. One of the neighbors said they thought she had been taken to Auschwitz and, therefore, she would have been killed in the gas ovens."             Someone else told him that they thought that the Americans had arrived in time to save some of the prisoners and had taken some of them to America.  His wife might have been among those that...
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