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The sun is one of the 100 million stars in our galaxy. It only seems bigger because it is much closer to Earth than other stars. Thesun is about 865,000 miles in diameter. Basically, it´s just a big powerful ball of gas. The light and heat it sends out give life toeverything on Earth.
The temperature at the center of the sun is about 27 million °F on the surface it´s about 9,932°F.You can fit 1,300,000 earths inside the sun

Never look directly at the sun, specially through a camera or a telescope.It can damage your eyes!
The light from the sun Takes eight minutes to get to earth
The sun is about five billion years old, andscientists say that it will probably shine for another two billion years. In six billion years, the sun will start getting bigger andbigger and turn into a dying star called a “red giant.” It will get closer to Earth and the oceans will become dry. In the end , the sunwill eat up all the planets that are close to it. This will be the end of Earth as we know it.

The sun is the closest star toearth
The sun is about 865,000 miles away from the earth
The sun will become a “red giant “ in two billions years time
Some day thesun will eat up the earth
The light from the sun gets to earth in eight hours
The temperature on the surface of the sun is 9,932°F
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