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Naming Compounds

Working backwards: name to formula
• It’s possible to determine a formula from a name • E.g. What is the formula of sodium oxide? • To get the answer, first write the valences:Na1O2 → Na2O • What is the formula of copper(II) oxide? Cu2O2 → Cu2O2 → CuO • For covalent compounds, simply use the prefixes to tell you the number of each element: • What is the formula fordinitrogen trioxide? N2O3 • Give formulae for: lithium sulfide, dinitrogen monoxide, lead(IV) sulfate

Day 2
1. Name each according to IUPAC rules: a) ZnS, b) FeCl3, c) CaCO3, d) P2O5, e) NaCN,f) N2F2, g) MgHPO4, h) Cu(BrO3)2, i) K2O, j) BF3 2. Give the valence of a) Fe in FeO, b) Mn in MnO2 3. Write formulas for: a) sodium oxide, b) potassium iodide, c) plumbic sulfide, d) mercury(I)oxide, e) ferrous oxide, f) iron(II) phosphate, g) copper(II) fluoride, h) dichlorine monoxide, i) silver sulfide, j) magnesium nitride, k) aluminum hypochlorite, l) iodine pentafluoride, m) calciumchromate, n) diphosphorus pentasulfide

Naming Bases
• Bases contain an OH group • C6H12O6 does not have an OH group • If an OH group is present it will be clearly indicated: e.g. NaOH, Ca(OH)2 • Alsonotice that bases have a metal (or positive ion such as NH4+ at their beginning) • Bases are named like other ionic compounds: • +ve is named first, followed by the polyatomic ion Ca(OH)2 CuOH aluminumhydroxide ammonium hydroxide

Naming Acids: Binary acids
• All acids start with H (e.g. HCl, H2SO4) • 2 acids types exist: binary acids and oxyacids Binary: H + non-metal. E.g. HCl Oxy: H +polyatomic ion. E.g. H2SO4 • Each have different naming rules. Binary acids: naming depends on state of acid • If it’s not aqueous: hydrogen + non-metal HCl(g) = hydrogen chloride • If it is aqueous: hydro +non-metal + ic acid HCl(aq) = hydrochloric acid (aqueous hydrogen chloride) HBr(s) HI(aq) H2S(aq) H2S(g)

Naming Acids: Oxyacids
• Naming does not depend on the state (aq) • 1) name the...
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