National socialism

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2010
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Essay of National Socialism
Smart Nazi ideology today?

Nationalism and Nazism was a totalitarian doctrine that emerged in Germany. It was founded by Adolf Hitler in the early 1920's, largely as aresult of the humiliating situation that lived in Germany after the First World War. All this thanks to the Versailles Treaty, which basically blamed the Germans of being guilty of the war. Thistreaty imposed drastic conditions to Germany. Idea was that the country had to spend a huge percentage of their income to pay damages and damages caused during the war. This helped to be created adoctrine that advocates the return of the former imperial glory and especially the loss of pride in Germany. By mid-1920 the Nazis and was a recognized political force in Germany, although a minority, butevery day was gaining supporters who saw and looked at her and her exit leading to the prevailing situation at that time Germany. By the decade of 1930, Nazism was a powerful force, and only waiting forthe right moment to seize power.
I think this ideology of Nazism, is not very good in his time helped a lot but maybe the people who run this ideology today are very stupid. Nor is there to defendthe Nazis in his time as were also some people with no heart nor any intelligence.
my first idea to make is that. These people killed people just because they had a religious ideology and were fromanother country, only because they were Jews. Were killed because they believed that if people came to their country that were not pure just the Germans, also the reprimiban because what Jews had areputation as a born and wealthy merchants very high, then this for Adolf Hitler was an intervention between and pure race, not only killed, but it had to slaughter them and murder of the most savage andatrocious ways possible.

My second idea to strengthen the fact that Nazism is and was a shit is weak, but a little convincing, is that they did not have a logical reason for anyone something...
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