Natural resources

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Using Natural Resources

Read the PDF documents which has an excerpt from a magazine, answer the following questions, use complete sentences and as many details aspossible to support your answer: Then do the activity in the next page.

1. Is collecting water from Fog an economical system?
Yes, because import water tosurvive is a very expensive style of life, and this system supply 10,000 liters of water every day so is cheaper than import water.
2. How are the “fog farms” working sofar?
In Atacama coastline are a dense fog called “camanchaca” and they used a huge nets with fine mesh to condense the fog to make water and the water drips down thenets into the tanks. And the Pipes then take the water down to the town.
3. How important is the oil industry for Brazil?
Is important to produce Gasohol andthe 40% of this gasohol is used in Brazilians cars
4. Do people consider “Gasol” the perfect substitute for oil?
No, The Gasohol requires massive quantities ofsugar cane and the damage is considerer equally than the gasoline or coal to polluted the city
5. What do the buyers think about the Straw houses?
They think thatis a very cheap option for they houses.
6. Would you live in a straw house? Why or why not?
Yes, why not? Is an interesting option, but i’m not sure that is themost safe house

Now Write a short essay (200 words) expressing your ideas and opinions related to these three ways of using Natural Resources and if you think any ofthem could be used in Yucatan or Mexico. Remember to save your document with your last name and upload it in Blackboard.

In YUCATAN isn’t used natural resources.
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