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The promotions are looked for to stimulate the short term sales in addition that for the same reason, can be measuredtheir effectiveness easily, nevertheless when is due to go to reimbursements, coupons u/o other forms to reduce the price is that the consumer in fact thisexpressing, that are several problems and the price is inadequate. It is moment for reviewing the total supply, beginning by the product. The goodpromotions do not go to cause sales by means of price reductions, if not that add image to the mark supporting launchings or other forms of communication.Communications The strategy of communications looks for to administer a limited budget to select the best way of trasmitir a message with precise objectives,directed to hearings you specify using an ample branch tools. Its effectiveness does not depend single on the defined formulation if not also of itsimplementation and the adjustment to the other elements of the commercial mixture.

The objectives of the communication can be several, being able to besome primary ones like acceding to the mind of the consumer and positioning themselves, or to cause sales, but also secondary targets like facilitating themanagement of the salesmen by means of a campaign exist that generates the interest of the demand. Other objectives can be to explain a price discount orto justify increased, to offer reasons to buy, to cause visits to the stores to motivate the personnel to correct false impressions in the clients.
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