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This report is developed according to the need for an achievement and an analysis of the different stages through which examines the processes, methodology, objectives, goals and other characteristics, that every company should take into account to run their various planning, since according to the organization and procedures were generated using the results they want toachieve. As a result of this monitoring is essential to involve the human resource which is indispensable in the guidance and empowerment of our goals is also a need for leaders to commit the common efforts of the company to achieve honorable and processes that focus on building projects improve the quality of life.
At first I was the administrator as a person who supervised other tasks, theapplication of scientific method is found by this method could be seen studying the external facts and based on this decision.
With the application of these techniques in administration improved markedly this art.

it is a very important part for this reason the administration has spent time and effort to their study.
Its foundation is the analysis of a company'sperformance as the amount of resources used for the manufacture of a product, get more products to the same cost or the same amount at a lower price.
Because if a company fails to improve these parameters will reduce operating costs and can offer their community a better product cheaper improving their status of life and also improve the income of their workers.
TYPES OF PRODUCTIVITYMaterials, is to make the yield more or reach to manufacture more products with the same amount, such as making a square meter of concrete with a load of cement down on a previous occasion, without diminishing quality.
Machinery: it is only using the new tools on the market in order to improve the time, or quality, or quantity of products. For an engineer might be to use a new mixer that processes morequantity of cement or mix it better.
In Labor: Provide training to employees to improve their production these in the areas mentioned above.
The quality of the products affect the raw material first and second staff processes the most significant being the second component as they are to take charge of manufacturing the product in each and every one of the steps develop until thefinal production.

what is sought Do not ignore the influence of a process of quality control exercised by the guidelines of the company, since according to demand and control of these same patterns will be those that the final product quality.
The Japanese have taken into account in a company but the people under the criterion "Satisfied employees create better quality product," unlike theState and Central American Undines for which the ultimate achievement has to do strictly with the production without stopping to consider the welfare of its employees.
An employee who has motivations and incentives produce better performance and better quality
how can we measure quality?
The customer is responsible for generating the parameters for measuring the quality of the product asthis is focused on providing satisfaction, meeting the needs and expectations that draws a purchaser of any service.
In many instances the quality of the product takes a back seat to the care and service they provide or acquire who do reach the customer's hands, if we compare two or more companies offering the same product as quality when deciding to do according to the best care that we aregiven, such as whether a government request to know the resumes of several construction companies is very important to know to talk and engage with the needs that are required solution providing technical support and professional advice to managers in order to realize our quality begins with the human resource.
Principle of consistency of direction: it...
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