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Unveiling the new science of marketing without marketing

How it better powers your ROI and inspires timeless sustainability

Attractor pattern research
Extracting essence from appearance

Generational Sciences
Predictable behavior traits and trends of emerging generations in the new paradigm shift



Neuromarketing research turns grey matter ‘CLEAR’
Why do people who prefer the taste of Pepsi loyally buy Coke? Will the Catwoman movie make you want to see the film? And are women subconsciously drawn to the sight of a bikini-clad model hawking beer on television? Neuro scientists and top researchers have untangledadvertising mysteries of neuromarketing, a new spin on market research that focuses on those seeking revolutionary technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) that gazes directly into the customer behavioral and attitudinal scientific findings.
While traditional marketing is still using old-age demographic equations to target audiences, Neuromarketing proves these methods nolonger relevant and emphasizes Psycho-graphic layer processing: consumer’s attitudinal and behavioral morphogenesis. While traditional marketing still considers people targets, Neuromarketing has humanized and erased the term ‘target’ and reshaped the process to connect with

people on an emotional level to win their hearts and minds. Neuromarketing is currently the domain oflarger corporations with significant marketing research budgets. But traditional forms of research have shown that the more emotionally charged a commercial is, the more likely the message is to be imbedded in a consumer’s mind. That’s because in order for a long-term memory to be created, it must first have an emotional component to it. (This explains why most people recall the Taco Bell Chihuahua orthe Energizer Bunny both of which tickled our emotional funny bones but can’t recall the last Tylenol commercial they saw.)

Coca Cola L’Oreal Nestle Volkswagen DaimlerChrysler Ford Altadis Camel Levi-Strauss 2008 Nielsen Research Read the article Google: read the article of March 18 2008 Google neuromarketing book More neuromarketing resourcesGet intimate with your brain
DEMONSTRATION Take your brain to the gym for a moment In the next image you will be asked to pronounce the color not the word. You will experience something that you probably never thought possible. This test will demonstrate the left brain - right brain conflict and its effect on your purchasing behavior

Take the test now: see next pageYou have just experienced the left brain - right brain conflict. The question is if the left and the right brain are in such conflict who then decided to buy? Let us understand that the major motivational circuit of our actions is the quest for pleasure and satisfaction. While the emotional brain loves to max-up the credit card, the rational one insists on saving for the retirement.

While the closet is full of pairs of shoes that go with every dress, more often than not, she finds herself buying an extra pair just in case. While his cell phone is still working, he emotionally wants the latest model. Neuromarketing is psycho-analyzing our cerebral activity, understanding the results from the sphere of emotions, sensations, rational and even consciousness andtranslating them into valuable marketing guidelines.

Ah he understands me!
The main driving force to a rewarding interpersonal or organization relationship is TRUST and CONNECTION. In other words, being on the same values platform. Trust can only settle in if integrity, intent and CREDIBILITY become the pistons that drive the engine of the relationship forward. At this point the door of TRUST yields...
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