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The outbreak of war postponed the downfall of Nicholas II but also contributed to his overthrown in the first 1917 Russian Revolution. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

The aim ofhis essay is to evaluate to what extend the outbreak of war postponed the downfall of Nicholas II and also contributed to his overthrown in the first 1917 Russian Revolution. Historiography will alsobe included.

To begin with, thanks to Stolypin’s measures there was a sign of improvement in the economy especially in the industrial and educational area as more factories came under the control ofinspectors, the working conditions seemed to improve. As the industrial profits increased, the first sign of a most prosperous workforce could be detected. In 1912 a worker’s sickness and accidentinsurance shene was introduce. Regarding education, in 1908 a programme was announced to bring about universal education within 10 years; by 1914 an extra 50,000 primary schools had been opened. As lifeconditions improved, support for the opposition declined. They were short of money, torn by disagreements and their leaders were still in exile.

As regards the weaknesess, by 1911 it was clearthat Stolypin’s land reform would not have the desire effect. The peasant population was growing too rapidly for his shemes to cope with. Farming methods were inefficient for the increasing amount ofpopulation. What’s more, Russia's lower class workers had faced a dire economic situation. Most of them were working 11 hour days. Health and safety provisions were dismal, and wages were falling. Therewas a wave of industrial strikes set off by the shooting of 270 striking goldmines in the Lena goldfields in Siberia. Whatever improvements had taken place, they were obviously not enough to removeall the pre-1905 grievances. As a result of the countryside and industrial strikes, there was government repression which segregated three of the most important sections in society. Not only peasants...
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