Nota de agradecimiento para fin de ciclo escolar

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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Aristotle tells us that we are the sum of our actions and motivation. His words resonate with me personally. As a teacher I appreciate the premise thatan individual’s actions can result in a fantastic end product. At Colegio Carol Baur, we have taken this even further. We have taken action this year and we have done socollectively and I can only pay tribute to the outcome. We have had a remarkable year at Colegio Carol Baur and the school has grown from strength to strength.Traditionally, many would see one of my roles as a teaching and leading role. I have been fortunate this year to learn a great deal myself. I have learned that this, your school isthe sum of all our actions and that each child, parent, teacher, staff member and Directors have all acted together to further enhance and develop motivation andexcellence.
School’s boys and girls have also contributed to a most successful year. Through their actions and events like this one, they have shown motivation and have graspedthe opportunities available to them with both hands. They have worked hard and played straight and they have been fine ambassadors to the School, their parents and mostimportantly – to themselves.
We are all to make choices and those choices do largely control our actions. I am most fortunate and grateful that this school is filled withso many motivated people who make positive choices, which ultimately lead to so many meaningful and productive actions.
I know how motivated and committed everyone is toColegio Carol Baur and I value each and every stake holder’s input and determined motivation in the classroom and outside of it.
My warmest thanks to you, one and all.
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