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Release Notes
August 13, 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Information

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Customers can submit enhancements, changes and/or defects againstreleases of software or firmware via the Broadcom Customer Support Portal (CSP). CSP cases are replicated into the Broadcom Bluetooth engineering change management database for review by theengineering community and change control boards. If your project or program is not listed inside the CSP please contact your Broadcom representative whom can configure the CSP system for use with your uniqueneeds. To start using the CSP please visit

Installation Command Line Options
To install BTW from command line prompt or from a batch file, use the following commandline options: Setup.exe [/qn | /qb | /qr] [/nw] [/nodfu] [/L] [/ru] [/ri] /qn - Silent install without any UI and user interaction /qb - Silent install with basic UI with progress dialog without anyuser interaction /qr - Silent install with full UI without any user interaction /nw- Setup.exe does not wait for BTW install to complete, exits after invoking MSI install. /nodfu- Do not execute DFUduring BTW install (even if configured for DFU in SvcPack.ini file) /noinf - Do not install USB inf file, bcbtums*.inf for Vista and btwusb.inf for XP. (Newly added since and /L-Installation language can be one of the following 1033: English 1046: Portuguese (Brazilian) 1028: Chinese Tradition 2052: Chinese Simplified 1030: Danish 1043: Dutch 1035: Finnish 1036: French 1031:German 1040: Italian 1041: Japanese 1042: Korean 1044: Norwegian 1034: Spanish 1053: Swedish 1049: Russian 1045: Polish 14337: Arabic 1029: Czech 1032: Greek 1037: Hebrew 1050: Croatian 1038:...