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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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Benefits of water
Providing your body with a healthy amount of water is essential for your overall health. Water contributes in many ways of how your body functions. Not only does it sustain lifebut it has many crucial benefits.
The basic science why our body needs water to stay alive is simple. Every single part of body is made of cells. Our body is made up of fats, carbohydrates, proteins,salts, and other elements combined with water. The way which water works is as a solvent, transporting, combining, and chemically breaking down the substances. A cell uses electrolytes to exchangeelements. The body needs electrolytes such as minerals like sodium, potassium chloride, and bicarbonate for its basic functions. If the electrolytes process can’t be performed due to lack of water ourcells would dry out and die. Therefore it’s very important to keep our body properly hydrated.
There are many reasons to drink plenty of water besides just to stay alive. When drinking a good amountof water your skin is healthier and youthful. It also helps with your metabolism. Which means it helps you burn more fat and build more muscle. It also provides your body with energy and helps you bemore alert. It helps your body keep its temperature regulated.
Some other basic benefits are: digestion, regulation, protects organs, moistures air in lungs, lubricates and protects joints, anddetoxifies. More crucial benefits are helping on preventing chronic diseases. Some experts believed osteoporosis can be prevented by proper hydration. It is believed that dehydration is responsible forthe loss of calcium. This happens as we age. Water also aids in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Proper hydration is very important in preventing clogging of arteries of the heart and brain.Other studies suggest that intake of proper amounts of water may reduce the risks of bladder and colon cancer. The water dilutes the concentration of cancer causing agents in the urine. This...
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