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Section 1100.000 Rapid Intervention

Rapid Intervention is a concept to make personnel immediately available for the rescue of members operating at emergency incidents should the need arise. While the composition and structure of Rapid Intervention is flexible and may be altered according to the needs of the IncidentCommander. This policy is set forth to establish criteria and guidelines for its implementation.

1101.000 Composition

A. Rapid Intervention shall be the responsibility of a crew, under the direction of a designated crew leader.

B. Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) shall consist of no less than two (2) personnel.

C. Multiple Rapid Intervention Teams may beorganized as a Rapid Intervention Group under the command of a Division Commander.

1102.000 Creation of Rapid Intervention Teams

At least one (1) Rapid Intervention Team fully equipped in accordance with applicable Department Operating Guidelines should be established at any of the following incidents.

A. Incidents which pose the possibility of collapse or IDLHand thereby entrapment of personnel.

B. Operations involving a Specialty Team.

RIT should be created by the following methods:

A. Utilizing on-scene resources not already (or anticipated to be) committed to other assignments.

B. Requesting additional resources when all on-scene resources are committed (for anticipated to be) to tactical assignments.1103.000 Duties

Initial Response

When size-up clearly indicates an Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) situation and involves the probability of employing an offensive strategy, there should ideally be a minimum of two (2) identically equipped and protected personnel complete with a minimum of a 1 ¾” hand line when tactically necessary and/or appropriate, inaccordance with Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines, specifically assigned as a R.I.T.

An IDLH is any atmosphere that poses an immediate hazard to life and produces immediate irreversible debilitating effects on health.

RIT Duties

A. Upon designation as the RIT announce the same over the tactical channel. Example: “Engine 1 has assumed rapidintervention.”

B. Maintain visual or radio communications with the interior at all times, and
to provide emergency assistance to the interior team (s) necessary.

This assemblage is in addition to any other personnel requirements or peripheral duties such as water supply, pump operations, aerial operations, etc.

If upon arrival at the scene, personnel find asituation where immediate action may prevent the loss of life, serious injury or prevent additional fire loss with minimal risk to firefithters, such action shall be permitted with fewer than four (4) personnel on the scene. However, the Incident Commander should carefully evaluate the level of risk. The Incident Commander should also notify the incoming units of such actions. This action must bedocumented in the Fire Incident Report.

Units dispatched or otherwise assigned to form the rapid intervention team shall report to a location outside of any anticipated collapse zone designated by the Incident Commander. The location should provide easy and timely access to the potential problem area of the incident.
1104.000 RIT for RIT

Anytime the RIT is required to makeentry for the rescue of a firefighter; an additional RIT from existing resources, i.e. Staging/Rehab, or other available units shall be immediately assembled. In addition, a Deputy Chief or Assistant Chief, and Technical Rescue shall be dispatched to the scene. An officer at the Battalion Chief level or greater will coordinate and support the rescue effort with the on scene RIT. The Fire...
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