Operation osprey resumen

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Operation Osprey:
Don ball and Mike peters are schoolmates who like birdwatching since they were 11.
Don ball y mike peters son compañeros de escuela a quienes les gusta avistar pájaros desde quetenían 11(años).
Don ball and Mike peters live in a village called saltley,in England.
Don ball y mike peters viven en una villa llamada saltley en Inglaterra.
Don and Mike both look forward toseeing and asprey which is a catching fish bird in danger of extinction.
Ambos don y mike esperan con ansias ver a un osprey es un pájaro que atrapa peces y que esta en peligro de extinción.
Don andMike met at redman’s pools which is a group of three lakes: big pool, marsh pool and wood pool where they can go birdwatching.
Don y mike se encontraron en redman’s pool el cual es un grupo de treslagos: laguna big, laguna marsh, laguna Wood , donde ellos pueden ir a ver pajaros
Mike saw an osprey for the second time in his life and don did it for the first time
Mike vio un osprey porsegunda vez en su vida y don lo hiso por primera vez en su vida
Mike and don told don’s father about the osprey at rp, but they asked him not the tell anyone about it.
Mike y Don le dijeron al padre deDon del osprey en rp, pero que no le contara a nadie sobre el.
They met mr Roberts at rp and they realized that dons father broke his promise of not telling anyone.
Ellos encontraron a mr Roberts enrp y ellos se dieron cuenta que le padre de don rompió su promesa de no decirle a nadie.
Don saw Mr. Roberts manoeuvring at rp to catch the osprey. Don sent Mike a text message immediately.
Don vioal señor Roberts hacienda maniobras en el rp para atrapar al osprey. Don le envió un sms inmediatamente.
Don and Mike saw Mr. Roberts at rp in company of a professional climber
Don y mike vieron alseñor Roberts en rp en compañia de un escalador profesional (bill Henderson)
Don andMike talked to seargeant keddle about Mr Roberts and his accomplice. All of them agreed to catch the criminals...
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