Oral interaction

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  • Publicado : 24 de septiembre de 2010
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To begin with, I will say that oral interaction is one of the most difficult competences to develop when teaching/learning a foreign language. Communication implies interactingwith others which involves not only speaking, but listening too.

Every teacher knows that listening comprehension is the initial step in communication. The better a student can understand what isbeing said, the better will be his ability to communicate and interact with others. Students feel great when they are able to comprehend something in the target language. This is a great motivatingfactor when learning a language, and we teachers should do whatever possible to promote this feeling of accomplishment. Therefore, we need to construct learning activities which will enhance learners'oral comprehension (listening skills).

For example, we should allow our students to hear as much of the target language as possible, using authentic materials: a radio announcement in the targetlanguage, an extract of an opera soap, etc.... in order to help them become accustomed to different accents and to a realistic pace of speech. Taking into consideration the level of the listeningexercise beforehand to be sure that it is an appropriate level for the students.

Speaking emerges after understanding the target language, and it is one of the most important aspects of teaching andlearning it. We will reach success when we notice that our students can carry out a conversation in the target language – for example when they are able to interact for negotiating meaning. Learnerslearn to speak by speaking. It is, then, our role to give our students opportunities to speak English more spontaneously and creatively.
As teachers, we must always remember that we have to achieve inour students the ability to interact freely with others. Knowing that interaction is what communication is about , that is sending messages, receiving them, interpreting them depending on the...
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