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the two pieces spread apart, thus forming the jail space in between them (on the floor of the stage, not on the platform). From the centre (upstage), Alfred’s voice is heard. Frosch comes infrom stage right, absolutely drunk, and puts a table and a chair centre stage right. He goes off stage left and comes back with a bench and puts it against the platform on centre stage left. He rests onthe bench for a second. He starts preparing the jail for the day (cleans the table and puts Frank’s work uniform on top). No. 13 Melodrama Frank enters from stage left with an open bottle ofchampagne in one hand and an empty bottle of champagne in the other, still dressed in his (now dirty and disarrayed) nineteenth-century costume. He goes to the table to grab (with his mouth, as his hands arefull) his uniform, and goes to the bench to try to change his clothes (he puts both bottles down). He gets undressed (keeps on his white boxers and undershirt) and, when he suddenly remembers “Olgaand Ida”, starts kissing and hugging the air as if the girls were beside him. Frosch enters and is completely blown away by Frank’s “show”. Frank, who hasn’t seen Frosch, tries to get dressed again. Ashe attempts to put his shirt on, he gets trapped in the sleeve, turns and falls. Gets up, tries again, turns and falls. Falls asleep on the floor with his shirt half on. Frosch starts talking to him,keeping a distance so that Frank doesn’t notice he’s drunk (he himself is in such a drunken state that he hasn’t realized that Frank is just as drunk as

him). Frank gets up (with a lot ofdifficulty) and sits at the table. Someone knocks on the door; it’s Adele and Ida. Adele and Ida enter, completely drunk as well, wearing less clothes than they had on at the party (they have come to seducethe “Chevalier”). They go straight to the table and sit on his lap. No. 14 Couplets Adele does the same “MTV” number (imitating Lady Gaga) that she did for Eisenstein in the first act, only this time...
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