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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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You know how some people always start something but they never finish it? Well that’s because they don’t have perseverance.
Hello my name is__________ and i´m going to talk about perseverance. Perseverance is when you keep doing something until you got it right and to always finish what you´ve started.If you don’t have perseverance that also means you are kind of lazy, because you prefer to do something else instead than to finish what you have alreadystarted, the problem is that you probably won´t finish the other thing that you chose to do instead.
You probably think that having perseverance isn’t important, buti´ll tell you why it is important. If you don’t have perseverance then you wont ever finish anything you start like your career and then you won´t ever find ajob.
Perseverance is important in every human activity, because it gives us the opportunity to give the best of you at what you were supposed to do, but youshouldn´t care about any of the obstacles you face because your priority is to finish that thing and to be good at it.
Like I told you before, one example is thecareer or job of any person because you always face difficulties and when you have perseverance it is sure that you will accomplish everything you decide to do.
SoI encourage you to always have perseverance at everything you do because it will surely help you at your job or career or at any other thing you decide to do inyour life. Having perseverance is something that you should always apply to your life.
Now it´s up to you, you decide if you apply it or not to your life.
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