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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Mara Ixta

International Law in Organizations

Teacher Talia Garza

April 1st , 2011

How does international law helps world peace?

International law it’s a communterm usually applied for referring to laws that govern the the relations, conduct and other aspects of independent nations between other nations.(,2011)There are some vital statistics that show how does international law helps world please, as an example it can be mentioned the United Nations, it has helped conclude more than 500 multilateraltreaties and agreements, and of course this organization has its own law that helps to maintain the peace in order.

Another example that can also help is the United Nations Commission on InternationalTrade Law, it works to develop the uniform international norms and standards in international trade, and when we see international we are talking of many countries, so it helps to maintain a goodbehavior between them.


How does International Law works?

International law is formef of a body of treaties, customary laws, judicial decisions and other relevant sources tooimportant that help to promote the social and economic development and also peace and security among the nations of the world.

The treaties negotiated under UN auspices have formed the basis forlaws governing relations among nations. While the UN's work in this area does not always receive much attention, it has a daily impact on many people all over the world.

Most of the politicalprocess of the Un is for establishing international laws, rules and all the standards that cover all human activities, including norm, governing human rights, narcotic drugs, international trade,communications, transportation, everything human being is capable of.

For example, “pollution from automobiles in London or Mexico City may affect the climate in other parts of the world, as Tokyo, because...
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