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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2011
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Israel Diary March 2005
Ever since my old friend Paul Jackson moved to Israel in 2000, he’d nagged me frequently to visit him and wife Miri Golan in Israel. His final trump card tauntwas: “Dave, if Saburo Kase and Tomoko Fuse can come to Israel, why the hell can’t you? Be our special guest at our convention at a holiday village kibbutz on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.” Icouldn’t resist. Paul offered a further temptations: “We can arrange an exhibition of your work at an art gallery in Tel Aviv. Do something a bit pretentious: we’d prefer geometric or abstract work becauseanimals and standard origami repertoire may be considered kitsch by Israeli art establishment.” “We’ll edit a booklet collection of Brill diagrams, called Dave Brill Selected Models 1997-2004.”Almost 3 months solid work of folding preceded my departure. The night before departure, I flat-packed the various unit items (IKEAgami?) into my suitcase, found that the luggage was 20 kgs overweight,unpacked and started again. Extracts from my diary:
preparations nearly complete exhibition preparations

Jerusalem landscape

Gallery. We choose of plinths and display material for painting inwhite by staff.

Thurs 10 March
On arrival, Miri gives me all the details of my full and varied programme. This includes teaching origami at the Israeli Origami Center’s famous Jerusalem Peace Projectfor Israeli and Palestinian Children, at one of her schools for problem children, and at a group meeting of school teachers. All this in addition to the convention, set-up of my one-man show andtourism. I’m going to be busy! In the afternoon, my first visit to the venue for my exhibition, the Constante

Constant Gallery exterior

pavement units

Sat 12 March
Evening opening of myexhibition at Constant Gallery Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv: maybe100 visitors.
Silver dodecahedron and rotating double cubes

Pavement installation

Spiky star

hand pavement block

Folding Together:...