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In general, Drive Test can be define as a methode that used to verify the actual condition of RF signal certain operator at certain place. Several functions of drive test : - Analyzing customer complaint of certain operator in their home or office area - Finding problem in BTS ( Timeslot Check, TRX Check, Swap Feeder) - Analyzing the result of optimization process (continuity and all of area)There are softwares can be used for drivetest that installed on laptop. TEMS Investigation (Ericsson), NEMO (Nokia). Here the steps to start learning drivetest with TEMS Investigation : a. Drive Test Equipment 1. TEMS Handset (complete with Charger, Headset, Data Cable) and USB Hub

2. Laptop (installed TEMS Investigation) and Adapter

3. GPS (Ext Antenna and Data Cable)

4. ATEN (Serial toUSB)

5. Scanner for WCDMA (Ext Antenna GPS and RF, Data Cable)

6. Inverter and Terminal

7. Battery and Charger

Example postion of that equipments in car :

B. Laptop Configuration

1. Power Management
Set Power Management Laptop always On : Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Power Options -> Set All Power Scheme “never”

2. Virtual Memory Set Virtual Memory : Start ->Settings -> Control Panel -> System Advance -> Performance Settings

C. TEMS Investigation : - Workspace Configuration

After installition process, open Tems Investigation. >> All Programs -> TEMS Investigation -> Data Collect
This is the example workspace for 2G (Mode Dedicated-Idle).

1. Open Worksheet Map & arrange size of window Map 2. GPS (Presentation -> Positioning -> GPS) 3. PortConfiguration (Configuration -> Port Configuration) 4. Command Sequence (Control -> Command Sequence) 5. Serving + Neighbours GSM (Presentation -> GSM -> Serving + Neighbours GSM) 6. Current Channel (Presentation -> GSM -> Current Channel) 7. Event (Presentation -> Signalling -> Events) for benchmark workspace, add Serving + Neighbours GSM and Current Channel for MS3.

- Map Configurations

CreateGeoset : Click Geoset Manager on Map window
1. On layer control Coverage layer remove all layer except Pinpoint, Cell, Event, AMR, RF Quality and

2. Add layer Route, Road, MCOM Site, and other *.tab

3. Save Geoset 4. Load Cell file : Configuration -> General -> Cellfile Load 5. Use Cell Definition File then choose cell file

6. ie. Map window configured

- Port EquipmentConfigurations (see my older post :-)) - Command Sequence Configurations Voice Call CS i.e “120/15” means 120 second on call then call end, 15 second wait and then call again. 1. Loop Start give the number of repetition for command below the loop start (General -> Loop Start) 2. Dial select the MS and give the destination number (Voice -> Dial)

3. Synchronize to synchcronize MS before go to the nextcommand (General -> Synchronize)

4. Wait 120 wait 120s on call (General -> Wait) 5. End Call (Voice -> End Call) 6. Wait 15 wait 15 before call again (General -> Wait) 7. Loop End (General -> Loop End) Video Call CS

In general cs for video call is same as voice call, but in video call in dial command we must add “v”. i.e Loop Start Dial v081384760975 Wait 120 End Call Wait 15 Loop End D. DRIVETEST 1. Configure Recording Properties : Menu Tab Logfile -> Recording Properties 2. Select recording folder : Click Browse -> Select Directory 3. Select Quick logging and setup size of swap file “after reaching message “

4. Use 2G or 3G configured workspace (with spacific map : road, route, cell file) 5. Make sure all equipments configured to the right port

6. Connect all

7. After allequipments connected (symbol green), window gps, serving neighbour gsm, current channel and events will be full filled 8. Don’t forget to lock TEMS Handset into GSM only or 3G only.

9. To start drive test, click record then start command sequence

10. After all route complete, wait untill call end then stop command sequence and stop recording.

Here the flow step by step Go Drive Test !!!...
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