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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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Product description – PD 225785-1OEN material 097369 GRNDSTED PECTIN MRS 351 Description: GRINDSTED Pectin MRS 351 is a médiumrapid-set hing-ester pecti standardised with sugars. Pectin is manufactured from citrus peel and has natural colour variation from off-white golden. Application areas: Jamsand jellies (>60% SS), bakery fillings and other fruit systems. POTENTIAL BENEFITS • Highly transparent gels • Excelient flavour release • Provides excelient stabiltyUSAGE LEVELS The following general guidelines can be given: Jams and jelies Bakery fillings

0.3-0.5 % 0.5-0.7 %

The optimal dosage for a specific, applicationdepends on the pH and soluble solids,

Direction for use: We recommend dissolving GRINDSTED Pectin MRS 351 in water befote addition lo the final fruit system, Frurtherinformation on dissolving techniques may be obtained on request.

PHYSICAL/CHEMICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Methods of análisis avaiable on request) US SAG (IFT Methods)Degree of esterification pH (1% solution) Loss on drying Acid-insoluble ash Particle size

150+5º 67-71% 2.8-3.4 máx. 12 % máx. 1 % (ASTM)


MICROBIOLOGIAL SPECIFICATIONS Total plate count Yeast and mould Coliforms Salmonella

máx.. 1.000/g máx. 100/g absent in 1.0/g absent in25 g

HEAVY METAL SPECIFICATIONS Arsenic (as As) Lead (Pb) Heavy metals (as Pb)

máx. 3 mg/kg máx. 5 mg/kg máx. 20mg/kg

NUTRITIONAL DATA (Aproxímate values fornutrition labelling por 100-g) Energy (Kcal.) Energy (KJ) Ptotein Carbohydrate - of which-surgars Fat -of which saturales Fibre Sodium

120 510 0g 30 g 30 g 0g 0g 60 g
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