Petroleo en los estados unidos

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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2012
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Victor Ceja
Chemistry Per.1
Energy in the Year 2000: Predictions by Isaac Asimov
After reading this article I think that Isaac Asimov’s predictions where wrong for the most part. Hispredictions said that the U.S would not have much oil left to support its people by the year 2000, and they would be gone in about 30 years because everyone used so much power. Also the oil and gas priceswould go up by a lot, and it would be really hard to find. Isaac said that with the lack of energy people would have to use a lot less electricity, if we wanted air-conditioning during summer wewould have to open windows to let the air in, if we wanted heat during the winter we would need to wear sweater and jackets and the lights would have to be off at a certain time of night to reserveenergy. Most of the energy would go into factories, farms and other food producing companies. Lastly he said the U.S would have to rely on clean resources like winds mills, water wheels, solar power andnuclear fusion to produce most of its power.
First of all Isaac Asimov was right about the fact that using too much energy would eventually cause the U.S to lose that resource, and that it would haveto get oil from other countries like Mexico, Brazil and the UK. The prices of gas and oil have really gone up from $0.25 a gal to $4.19 a gal. But there are also many things he was wrong about likepeople having to use open windows for ac during summer, houses not getting enough energy for heat and light needed to be turned off, although these things could have been great for the human populationhere in the US. Even though factories, farms and companies do get a lot of energy the US citizens don’t have to worry about a lack of energy for them since the country can always import more fromother countries. Finally the use of natural or clean resources, even if some people still use wind mills and water wheels for power they have not become the main source of power for this country. But...
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