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2-person Group Assignment (30%)
Due: In tutorial Week 10 (4 January)
An Improved Customer Experience for iStockPhoto’s Customers
In this assignment you will work together with afellow student from your tutorial group as a team of two. You are required to play the role of business analysts working on an information system solution for iStockPhoto. You are a contractor working foran IT consultancy firm.
The Brief from iStockPhoto – Topic for the Assignment
iStockPhoto would like you to come up with a recommendation as to how it can better make use of its web-basedInformation Systems in order to improve the experience of its customers who use the site to buy, sell and download stock photos (
You will work together as a team and submit ajoint report for the assignment. Your report will include a one-page reflection on what work was conducted, who did what and how the co-operation worked out (the work history document can help withthis). Each team member also needs to submit a peer evaluation form in order to receive a mark for the assignment.
Deliverables & Marking Criteria
Your 2500 word report will demonstrate that you have:• Researched and understood the strategic and operational context of the customer experience at iStockPhoto
• Shown creativity and initiative in understanding and capturing the iStockPhoto customerexperience (for example by visiting the online store yourself and documenting your experience, by interviewing your friends and family have used iStockPhoto, by creating an account and pretending tobe a customer etc.) and identifying key areas for improvement using web-based systems
• Researched and understood available web applications for e-commerce
• Researched and understood iStockPhoto’scurrent usage of web-based applications through their online store as evidence by its website at
• Evaluated and analysed iStockPhoto’s current information systems and...
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