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Date: August 19th, 2009
School: xx
Course: 1º 3º
Teacher: xx
Course book:
Unit: II
Students: 28
Class: from 8:00 to 10:00 (120 min)

The student will be able

• To learn and apply the superlative form of adjectives to different contexts and situations. ( describing places, people, objects)
• To practise the four main languageskills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) through individual and group work.
• To apply their personal experiences and cultural knowledge to their oral and written productions.
• To practise the Simple Present tense, and questions with W-H words.
• To increase their vocabulary through the use of the bilingual dictionary and a rich list of descriptive adjectives.The teacher will be able
• To teach students how to use the superlative form of adjectives to describe places, people, objects.
• To promote the development of communicative competences in the students’ oral and written productions through the use of engaging topics, and authentic material.
• To make students practise the four main language skills(reading, writing, speaking and listening) through individual and group work.
• To check listening comprehension
• To encourage students to integrate their previous knowledge (vocabulary and grammar), as well as their cultural awareness and personal experiences to the new topic.
• To stimulate the students’ autonomy through the use of the bilingual dictionary to create avocabulary list on their own.

- Positive or negative descriptions with the Superlative form of adjectives. (Long- short -irregular superlative adjectives)
- The use of Simple Present.
- Wh questions.
- Expressions in Present Perfect with ever.

1- VOCABULARY: adjectives, nouns: objects, family members, places.

- poster
- Board
- Chalk
- CD
- CD player.

WARM-UP: I will give students a set of pictures. Then, I will stick a map of Argentina to the board, and I will ask them a question:
What can you see in those pictures?
Later, I will tell students that we are going to speak about Argentinean culture. (Traditions, famous people,touristic places, etc.) I will use one of the pictures to start describing orally and then, I will write all the examples on the board.


[pic] The Andes is the highest mountain in Argentina

Once I write the first example, I will start asking students:
Who is the most famous footballer in Argentina?
What is the most traditional food in our country?
What is the mostrepresentative monument in Argentina?
What is the most popular sport in Argentina?
What is the most traditional beverage in our country?
Who are the most famous presenters of Argentinean TV?
What are the most touristic places of our country?

Each picture is answer to a question. Students will stick them to the board, and they will also write the answers with my help.
Estimated time: 10 minutesDEVELOPMENT:
1- I will draw a chart on the board. I will use some of the given examples to introduce the explanation of the topic. The students may offer examples on their own. (I will use Spanish when necessary during the explanation)

||High- highest |
|SHORT |Young- youngest |
| |Big- biggest |
| |The Andes is...
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