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Jaime Edilberto Vázquez Benavides A0034971
Iván Mauricio Leal García A0034975
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Society, Politics and economics Introduction
Guadalupe Andrade

The main objective of this project is to get to know better the conditions of the country we are studying; in 3 different aspects as economics, politics and society. A large andextensive research is going to be done about the country chosen: France. Information will be gathered from Internet, newspapers, books, encyclopedias, etc.
The work and cooperative team is integrated by Adrián Venegas, José Juan Gómez, Iván Mauricio Leal and Jaime Vázquez. Eac h of the members has a distinct responsibility and an efficient plan of work; based on the time available and the deliverydates of the documents mentioned.
In the economic branch, information like official currency, gross domestic product, the stability of the country, the economic system and others will be searched.
About society, their traditions, food, life style, clothing and customs are going to be included in the document.

Sarkozy accelerate measures to prevent the spread of the crisis
This newspaperarticle talks about the threat of an economic crisis, it explains that the president of France, Nicolás Sarkozy has interrupted his vacations to gather with his cabinet, to finish the budget of 2012 and take actions to stop crisis.
France is in risk to lose the AAA (honors) because of the increasing debt it is accumulating.
Investors don’t see France with the same confidence as before, and expertsdoubt France’s permanence in the highest step of risk grades.
OPVL technique:
Origin: This article was written in Madrid, Spain, on August 2011. It was written by “El País” editorial team, and it was published via Internet.
Purpose: This article was written to communicate recent events of France and other countries of the European Union, because of the threat of a new crisis and uncertainty ofFrance’s future. It shows the reader the possible outcomes of recent events.
Values: The authors of this article communicate to the reader in an objective way about the recent events in France, the European Union and the world. They have the responsibility to communicate.
Limitants: The information is recent, but it could have changed during these months, the actual condition of France actuallybecame worse, France lost the AAA honor. But it can tell us France’s situation some months ago and what we can expect.
Thousands of jobs will be removed this 2012.
This article shows us the actual situation of France and the expectative for this 2012. The threat of a new crisis has forced French authorities and companies to take action to prevent it. French banks will remove thousands of jobs toreduce operation’s cost, increasing the unemployment rate to 9.1%.
The authors of this article wrote it to show the reader what is happening right now in France in the economic aspect.
OPLV technique:
Origin: This electronic article was written in Cuba, on November 2011 by “Diario Gramma” editorial group, which is part the Communist Central Party Official Organ of Cuba
Purpose: This articleshow the reader how a potential crisis is affecting France nowadays, and what the government and companies are doing to prevent recession.
Values: The objective and responsibility of media is to communicate in the most objective way recent events. This article shows the “sacrifice” companies are doing to avoid being affected by a potential crisis, that would affect France, the European Union andmaybe the entire world.
Limitants: The information is recent and shows the actual situation of France, but it also could have changed, because of uncertainty, everything can happen, from an economic recovery, to recession.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: ¿Again in France’s politics?
This article talks about the judicial case against Strauss-Kahn who is one of the members of the Socialist party in...