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* Background (to campaign)
Here the account planner will give an overview of what is going on in the market; who the competition are; any useful information about the client; and so on.
Two important words her are who and what. “Who is the audience?”
What is or main message?

* Goal of Ad
How should the audience respond? What do you want them to do / think / fell?

* Whois the audience?
Expand upon this

* What is our main message?
Expand upon this

* Rational and Emotional Reasons why the audience should act or believe in a certain way in the response to the campaign

* Useful information and Insights
In order to flesh things out

* Schedule
What is needed from the creative team and when they need to do it by?

* Client serviceChecklist
Is everything being covered


Nowadays the brand of Jumbo jet, it offers us a wide range of products with own brand, which have been accepted of good way by the clients as a good and economic product.
This type of product transmits an excellent relation quality I boast and for this manage to attract and to fidelize a good number of clients.
The own brands have managed togain the battle them to the leading manufacturers since they have managed to deliver almost 80 % of the sales in the whole line of products.

Is the case of Mea Jumbo, which although is a highly consumed by the target is not highly valued by them and that thought still exists in people, that having a supermarket brand, is not high quality.

Goal of Ad

Today the main problem in my productmarket is the low valuation that is in the minds of consumers, which will work in the positioning of this product.
To be able to increase the positioning of the chosen product, there is necessary the loyalty of the final user who little by little will turn into a habitual consumer of our own brand, up to turning it into a client "apostle"
By means of a survey and observation of the product inquestion, manage to identify 3 points of which the clients notice to acquire a product, these in order of preference are:

To be able to achieve a better positioning inside the market, we have to invest in these three articles, to achieve that the brand day after day achieves a more important quota inside the linear market andovercoat a full satisfaction and loyalty of the clients.
Our principal aim is to achieve that the clients perceive the brand “Meats Jumbo “as a product that possesses an excellent relation of quality and price.
One of the principal problems that it detects in " Meats Jumbo ", is under that one looks at him for having brand of supermarket and the distrust of knowing if the product is good, for what Iwill use some tactics to change the look that the people have towards this product.

Since I could realize, of 3 points on which a consumer concentrates to buy a product, and doing an analysis of the current situation, this product fulfills with the point price and quality, since these products are worn out with the highest procedure of quality, by what there is delivered to the consumer ahealthy and sure product. In addition the prices are very economic and expire with the ranges and prices that have other supermarkets.
For it, the side more weak of “Meats Jumbo ", is the presentation that this one has towards the consumer, and not only I refer to the packing, if not to the experience that the client has when it does the purchase in the point of sale.

Who is the audience?

Menand women from 18 to 60 years. Have purchasing power. Economic social group primarily runs along the C2 and C3. They live in communities such as Las Condes, Vitacura, La Dehesa, La Florida, La Reina, Maipú, Providencia, Pajaritos, Peñalolén, Puente Alto, which are common in a supermarket where Jumbo. These people are usually once a week to the supermarket or once a month. In your diet include...
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