Plantas carnivoras

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Carnivorous Plant


also called insectivorous plant is a plant that gets some or most of their nutrients (but not energy) by trapping and consuming animals and protozoa, usually insectsand arthropods. These plants grow in places where the soil is poor, especially nitrogen, such as swampy acidic soil and rock outcroppings. Charles Darwin wrote the first known treatise on theseplants in 1875.

Genera and Species:

There are about 600 species of carnivorous plants around the world spread over 14 plant genera.

The number of species of each genus below are approximate, as itvaries according to the source is acknowledged:

Aldrovanda (1species) Byblis (3) Cephalotus (1) Darlingtonia (1) Dionaea (1) Drosera (100)

Drosophyllum (1) Genlisea (16) Heliamphora(5) Nepenthes (60) Pinguicula (70)

Sarracenia (9) Triphyophyllum (1) } Utricularia (250)

Types of traps in carnivorous plant:

Sticky hairs: Drosera rosettes have leaves stuck to the floorthat secrete a viscous fluid with aroma similar to honey. When an insect lands on the leaf, is trapped in the sticky hairs. After the tentacles of Drosera curve inward until they close. It can take fromone minute to several hours to close. Then, it takes 7 to 14 days until the tentacles of Drosera open completely.

The plant recognizes the food if it helps or not, because if, for example, you puta grain of sand, the leaves will not close.

Cucuruchos: They have a receptacle where the insects fall and want to leave can not be reversed because hairs (Sarracenia) or translucent spots hitbecause they think they are out (Darlingtonia californica), which fell exhausted at the bottom of the trap and drown in the digestive fluid.

Cepos: This is the case of the best known of all carnivorous,the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). The insect or small animal is attracted by a sweet nectar, lands on the leaf and when two bristle brushes, it closes automatically. The spines of the edges...
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