Platero and i

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Platero and I
Juan Ramón Jiménez. Selected, translated, and adapted from the Spanish
by Myra Cohn Livinggston and Joseph F. Domínguez.

A man with black bear and an old hat had a donkey as afriend. It was named Platero. He was little, hairy, dark eyes and soft as cotton. He seemed he didn´t have bones. Amber colored muscatel grapes, mandarins oranges, and deep purple figs were eaten byPlatero because he liked them.
Many accidents happened to the little animal. When some men saw Platero, they decided to castrate him because they thought he would have problems with females. Sincethen, the animal was not the same. Another day, an orange´s spike was stuck in Platero´s paw. Fortunately a vet took it off from him. Also his mouth was bleeding for a leech in his tongue. The leech wasremoved when he could open his mouth.
The man talked to Platero every day and he explained it everything. For example, when they found three old women. One woman was blind, how they talked to eachother, and how they were dressed.
A girl was helped by the man and Platero; she was in a big creek with a little cart and a little burro. She was crying and trying to take them off from theimpasse. Then, Platero and the man were able to help the girl. Some oranges were received by the man for Platero.
They had a close relationship. The man thought that Platero had dreamed the same dreamslike him. They knew each other; he treated the donkey as a little boy. He kissed, he made him get upset, but Platero understood what he wanted to do. Platero loved him, he didn´t want to be with someoneelse.
One of the most terrible things in this story was that Platero died because he was old and his heart didn´t work well. Despite he was consulted by the vet, he couldn´t do anything. After that,his partner was very sad, he talked to Platero as if he was alive. He though Platero was in heaven seeing the Earth. He couldn´t believe Platero was dead. He talked to his friend his thoughts about...
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