Poems of william blake

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  • Publicado : 2 de octubre de 2010
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The poems of William Blake ¨The Lamb and ¨The Tyger¨ have something on common. At the sametime their are different. This poems are reallyinteresting on what they are trying to say.
That could make people think about what is happening in this world with many innocent and conflicts. Thispoems have smiliarties and differences. William Blake was an interesting child that is the reason why he wrote these poems.
Similarties betweenthese two poems is that they come from the same auther William Blake. These poems ask to much questions that make a peson think about. The poemsare very intersting on the one how each one express Their feelings. They way of life means a lot to him and can konw that an old man wrote thesepoems.
The differences of these poems are that in the lamb their is to much kindness. With good feelings and with many innocent emotions. Thetyger it show the fear and the darkness side when you read the poem. Too much experices of life that had pass through that had stady on his heart. Itlooks to heard to be taken out of Their mine and it is heart.
In conclusion, I have compare both poems and I see the difference and thesimilier of them. To read the literatura show me the way we human can see the poority of the poems. The kindness that I read and it show me that there ispeace in life if we like to see. William Blake had the visión of two ways of these poems. Over all these poems have more differenes tan similies.
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