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Additional Pokémon Rulings
(as of 9/7/01)
Blaine’s Quiz #1, #2, and #3—Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge
• Q: What do I do if a Blaine’s Quiz is played in a way that prevents me from giving a correct answer (i.e., wrong attack with Quiz #3)? A: Well, it depends on how far the player has followed through with the effects of the Trainer card. If cards were drawn, that would be some degree ofprocedural error. (Jul 26, 2001, WotC Chat)

Computer Error—promo

• Q: If I want to use Computer Error to draw zero cards, can I? A previous ruling stated: “You must declare from 1 to 5 cards, and then draw that many A: 0 is an acceptable amount to draw. The previous ruling was stated as though the player asking the question wouldn’t have played the card unless he or she wanted to at least draw onecard. Certainly you can draw 0 cards if you wish. (Aug 9, 2001, WotC Chat)

Darkness and Metal Energy—Neo Genesis

• Q: If a Pokémon with Darkness Energy attached attacks a Pokémon with Metal Energy attached, which applies first—the Metal Energy or the Darkness Energy? A: Effects on the attacking Pokémon are figured first, so it does not matter who has which energy; the attacker’s effectsare always calculated first. (Aug 16, 2001, WotC Chat)
• Q: If I have a Metal and a Darkness Energy attached to the dark Houndour, does it do 10 or 0 damage with its Bite attack? A: 0. The Metal effect is applied first (before Weakness and Resistance), and Darkness is applied second (after Weakness and Resistance). (Aug 16, 2001, WotC Chat)
• Q: When do I place a damage counter for DarknessEnergy: at the end of the turn (per the card) or between turns (per the rulebook)? A: Place the damage counter at the end of the turn, per the card. (Aug 9, 2001, WotC Chat)
• Q: If I have three Metal Energy on Steelix and I’m battling a Clefable that has one Darkness Energy attached and Clefable metronomes Tail Crush and flips a tails, how much damage does it do? A: 10. Count Metal, Darkness,PlusPower, and Defender to be adding or subtracting form the damage in the order listed in the rulebook. The fact that they say “if damage is done” is just a test to make sure that the attack they are affecting can cause damage at all. So, a PlusPower or Darkness Energy on a Fetch attack, for example, does NOT do any damage.
Dark Wartortle—Team Rocket
• Q: If Dark Wartortle is somehow moved to theBench during my opponent’s next turn after using Mirror Shell and is then damaged, does the counter effect still go off? A: No, it goes away when Dark Wartortle is put on the Bench. The effect refers Dark Wartortle; if it gets put on the Bench, or evolved, or devolved, then that effect ends. (Aug 9, 2001, WotC Chat)
• Q: Ditto uses Dark Wartortle’s Mirror Shell, and during the turn that Ditto’sMirror Shell is in effect, I evolve my own Dark Wartortle into Dark Blastoise and attack with Rocket Tackle. (A) Is Ditto’s effect still working because of the self-reference in the attack? And (B) If yes, would a heads on Rocket Tackle prevent it? A: A) Yes. B) No. (Aug 9, 2001, WotC Chat)
• Q: What happens if Ditto is opposite a Brock’s Ninetales? Does it copy an attached Pokémonon that Brock’s Ninetales? If that attached card has a Pokémon Power, does Ditto have it, too? A: Actually in this case, Ditto would Transform into a Brock’s Ninetales itself. Attached cards are never copied when Ditto is copying a Pokémon.
• Q: Can you attach a Pokémon card to the Ditto that has Transformed into Brock’s Ninetales? If so, what happens when Ditto is no longer Transformed intoBrock’s Ninetales? A: Yes you could attach a Pokémon card to Ditto when it is Transformed into Brock’s Ninetales. If Ditto loses the Transform Pokémon Power (Ditto is no longer Brock’s Ninetales), then the attached Pokémon Evolution card is discarded.
Ecogym—Neo Genesis
• Q: What happens if Hyper Beam Knocks Out a Pokémon while Ecogym is in play? A: The damage is applied first; if that is enough...
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