Preguntas frecuentes de una entrevista de trabajo

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Interview questions

1. - What interest you about this job?
I am interested in this position because it is the ideal job for me and also I would like unfold me in this position.

2. - Whydo you want this job?
Because it is a growth opportunity for my career and it is an opportunity for related with other people.

3. - What experience do you have?
I have been trained incustomer service and I have taken a course of english for services.

4. - Why should we hire you?
Because I am the ideal person for this position and I am capable for attend to the customers, alsoI am a fast paced learned.

5.- Why are you the best person for the job?
Because I have a positive and service attitude and I am competent, I am enterprising , I am efficient and active.

6.- What challenges are you looking for a position?
I seek to grow up professionally and learned from your company.
Also I seek to have more experience in my profession.

7. - Are you willingto travel?
No not now due to my academic responsibilities.

8. - What is a good customer service?
Exceeding customer expectations.

9. - Tell me a Little about yourself
I was born inCancun currently I am studying tourism at the university technological of Cancun.
I am single and I live with my family.

10. - Tell me about your strengths
I am enterprising, responsible, activeand punctual.

11.- Tell me about your weaknesses
I am impulsive but I am professional.

12. - Mention a professional goal
Be the best employee in the department

13. - What are youlooking for in the next job?
Work stability, challenges and economical stability.

14. - What are you goals for the next five years?
I would like growth in a position

15. - How do you plan toachieve those goals?
I am going to hard work.

16. - Why are you interested in working for a company?
Because it is an international company and it is one of the best company in Cancun.
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