Preguntas inglés nivel intermedio

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1. your name?

a) What are
b) What
c) What is
d) What am

2. A: Where are you?
B: at the Institute.

a) You are
b) I is
c) You am
d) I am

3. My address is

a) 672 - 55 37 91
b) 257 Palm Street
c) first floor
d) Johanna

4. A: How do you spell that?

a) P-A-R-K-E-Rb) Yes, I am
c) No, I'm sorry
d) Thank you

5. What ?

a) he is doing
b) is doing he
c) is he doing
d) doing is he

6. Where Susan and Walter?

a) live
b) is
c) am
d) are

7. We're brushing teeth.

a) are
b) our
c) us
d) ours

8. Is their house big?

a) No, he isn't
b) No, they aren't
c) No, it isn'td) No, she isn't

9. windows are there in the living room?

a) How many
b) How much
c) Who many
d) Who much

10. Excuse me. my jacket.

a) This are
b) That's
c) They're
d) That are

11. Where you live?

a) are
b) does
c) do
d) is

12. Jerry English at Manpower.

a) study
b) studies
d) studying

13. do you use your computer?

a) How much
b) How often
c) How many
d) What frequent

14. I love my grandmother. I visit every weekend.

a) her
b) him
c) them
d) she

15. your daughter dark hair?

a) Does / has
b) Does / have
c) Do / haves
d) Is / having

16. Where Rita live?a) is
b) does
c) do
d) are

17. Mr. and Mrs. García work on the weekend.

a) doesn't
b) don't
c) does
d) do

18. drive a bus?

a) Does Betty can
b) Can Betty
c) Betty can
d) Does can Betty

19. When did Arthur his homework ?

a) finished
b) finish
c) finishes
d) finishing

20. When highschool?

a) did you leave
b) you left
c) you did leave
d) you lefted

21. A: Are you going to cook lasagna this week?
B: No, I'm not. I lasagna last week.

a) am cooking
b) cooked
c) cook
d) can cook

22. A: Let's make sandwiches for lunch.
B: Sorry, we can't. There bread.

a) isn't some
b) isn't any
c)aren't much
d) isn't many

23. A: Why don't we make an omelet for breakfast?
B: Sorry, we can't. There eggs.

a) isn't any
b) isn't some
c) aren't some
d) aren't any

24. How milk do you drink for breakfast?

a) many
b) little
c) few
d) much

25. Your name is Madelaine. is Lester.

a) Mine
b) Myc) I
d) Me

26. Yes, you are right. I should get grades.

a) gooder
b) more good
c) better
d) more better

27. Mount Everest is mountain in the world.

a) the higher
b) the most high
c) the highest
d) highest

28. If you find someone's passport, you give it to the police.

a) shouldn't
b) should
c)has to
d) might
29. A: Can you tell me how to get to the Post Office?
B: Sure. , and you'll see it on the right.

a) Walk down Main Street
b) You walk down Main Street
c) Put on a sweater
d) Put a little butter

30. A: Will Carol and Ray be in the office today?
B: . They're on vacation.

a) Yes, they will
b) No, theywon't
c) Yes, they do
d) No, they don't

31. English is than Latin.

a) the most useful
b) more useful
c) most useful
d) the more useful

32. A: Would you please tell me how to get to the bus station?
B: Certainly. and you'll see it across from the cafeteria.

a) Drive along Second Avenue
b) Run across Second...
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