Preguntas sobre the crucible

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Questions of “The Crucible” of Arthur Miller

1. Mention three reasons why Arthur Miller is consider one of the best American playwrights of XX century.
• Miller was consideredthe best playwright of xx century because he knows how to move the stage of conflict of the human and also the criticism.

2. What are stage directions and what is their function in a play?
•On the plays are different kind o stage direction, the first one is Scene directions that mean to arrange all the stuff that is going to appear on each scene, also the arraignment of each itemin the correct angle.
• The second one is the Staging direction that stands for the directions for each of the characters on their respective scenes and the way they are going to move on thestage.
• The third one is the Character stage direction that is a very important stage direction on a play because it is involved with the lines and acts during all the play.

3. Whatis the main characteristics of Drama? (Literary Gender)
• Literary Drama means that is performed in a theater. It is non-controversial, but more problems arise when the first problem startto be understand. Conflicts are expressed through writter and action. The characters are separated form the writer, and they have their own speech which reflects their personalities. It is present,in stage directions.
4. What is the meaning of Allegory?
• Allegory is a representation explaining. Allegory communicates their messages by symbols, action or representations. It isrhetorical. It is to present an idea, principal of meaning, that can be represented in literary form, etc.
5. What are Arthur Miller’s most recurrent themes in his plays?
* Miler most recurrentthemes in his plays are the social (like the mentality of Americans working class) and political issues (like the Authenticity abut lying all your life or telling the truth, Generation gasps, how in...