The crucible

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The Crucible
Act 1
Character List Summary of Act Thematic meaning / Allegory
Reverend Parris: The minister of the Salemchurch. He is very conscious of his social position, and is disliked by any townsfolk, including John Proctor. 1. Betty, Parris’ daughter, is possessed with a strange stupor, which arouses the firstaccusations of witchcraft. 1. Tituba confesses to witchcraft, and soon after so does Abigail. By “confessing” to the works of the devil, according to the theology of Salem, they are redeemed and freefrom guilt.
John Proctor: A local farmer who hates hypocrisy, yet struggles with the guilty conscience about his affair with Abigail Williams 2. Abigail Williams puts on an innocent façade, and deniesany accusations of witchcraft after Parris says he saw the girls dancing in the forest. Thematic meaning: applies to hysteria in society, and soon Abigail and her gang of girls are accusing otherbecause of private and personal reasons. “Vengeance is walking Salem”
Abigail Williams: Reverend Parris’ niece. Very sly and wicked, and hates Elizabeth, John Proctor’s wife. 3. Abigail attempts toseduce John Proctor, and reminds him of the guilty sin he had committed with her. 2. The paranoia and hysteria that takes place in Salem can be juxtaposed with American communism in the 1950s.
ReverendJohn-Hale: A young committed Christian minister who is respected and renowned for his expertise on witchcraft 4. Tituba, Reverend Parris’ black slave, is accused of possessing voodoo powers. Sherepents and asks for mercy from John Hale. Other periods of history where paranoia took place include the Great Fear after the French Revolution, and the American Revolution and the frenzy with loyalist orpatriots.
Thomas Putman: A wealthy citizen of Salem, who is enemies with Francis Nurse. Accuses many of witchcraft. 5. Tituba insists that Betty is being bewitched by the devil, and that others...
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