Prepositions of place: in, on, at

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Prepositions of place: in, on, at
* I live in Michoacán
* He lives on constitucion
* He lives at constitucion 123
Comparisons er, more
* This glass is bigger thangreen glass
* Raul is more intelligent than Benito

Adverbs of degree
* I always run in the morning
* I usually play soccer every nights
* I sometimes buy tequila
*I rarely speak Spanish
* I seldom break fast
* I never copy
Open conditions: promises, threats, warnings.
* I promise you to help you
* I threat you all nights
*The teacher warned me about the test
Modal auxiliaries: levels of certainty
* I can study
* I could never swim
* I could run if I had legs
* Could you bring me a glassof water?
* You should eat more vegetables.
* I will go to party
* You might run tomorrow
* May I go the party to tonight
* Unless you go the doctor weredied
Time conjunctions with the present; if or when?
* If I study a lot, I will pass the test.
* When I pass the test, I am going to be happy

Voz active
* Tables hemade by him
Future personal arrangements
* I will come back home.
* She won’t let me go.
* Will be to the party?
Agreeing and offering
* I agree. I will take a shower* May I go?

Refusing, making excuses
* I disagree. I won’t wash tv.
Second conditional
* If I study a lot I would pass the test
* I would the test, if I study a lot.Wish + Past tense
* I wish you were here

Sincé / for
* I lived in Colima since 1995
* I studied for 5 years
Present Perfect (unfinished past)
* I have gone to theschool
* She has bought food
Obligation, prohibition, permission
* You must study in the school
* You must not run in the hall way
* May I go to the restroom?
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