Present continuous

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  • Publicado : 5 de mayo de 2011
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Ingles nivel 1

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Simple Present / Present Continuous

Nombre del Alumno:
Oscar Fabián Cáceres Alegría

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Ing. Nidia Rebollo Soto

Unidad Regional De Educación Superior A Distancia La Concordia

Fecha: 29/10/2010


Simple Present / Present Continuous
Ahora es tiempo querepases un poco de los conocimiento del modulo I y II. Usando los verbos entre paréntesis complete el texto de acuerdo si corresponde a presente simple o presente continuo.


ATrekking Journal. (Un diario de una expedición).

November 12, 1997
Today is the second day of my trek around Mount Annapurna. I am exhausted and my legs shake; I just hope I am able to complete thetrek. My feet kill really me and my toes bleeds, but I want to continue.

Nepal is a fascinating country, but I have a great deal to learn. Everything is so different, and I AM TRYING trying toadapt to the new way of life here. I learn a little bit of the language to make communication easier; unfortunately, I DO NOT LEARN not learning foreign languages quickly. Although I DO NOT UNDERSTAND Inot understanding much yet, I believe that I am improving, gradually.

I am traveling with Liam, a student from Leeds University in England. He is a nice guy, but impatient. He IS WALKING walkingahead of me and complaining that I am too slow. I am doing my best to keep up with him, but he is younger and stronger than I am. Maybe, I am just feeling sorry for myself because I am gettingold.

Right now, Liam IS SITTING sits with the owner of the inn. They are discussing the differences between life in England and life in Nepal. I DO NOT know the real name of the owner, buteverybody calls him Tam. Tam speaks English very well and he tries to teach Liam some words in Nepali. Every time Tam says a new word, Liam tries to repeat it. Unfortunately, Liam seems to have difficulty...
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