Pride and prejudice book report

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Book Report
Isabel Lee Perez
Literature class
11th grade

Pride and Prejudice

Title: Pride and Prejudice.
Author: Jane Austen.

* Main Theme:
The novel is practically about how people can judge from the beginning, and often our relationships with others are really marked by pride.
The main characters are Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is a smart girl and is really quickto make a judgment from people she doesn’t know. Sometimes she is right, but when it came to Mr. Darcy, it turns out she was wrong. She thinks Darcy is a proud man, but he proves her wrong throughout the novel.
* Brief Plot Summary:
The Bennet girls live in Loungbourn, a small village. The news that a single man with a fortune is arriving in the neighboring town, causes great stir in theirhouse.
They meet Mr. Bingley, his sisters and Mr. Darcy in a public ball arranged for them, and soon Mr. Bingley falls in love with the eldest of the Bennet sisters, Jane. Meanwhile, Bingley´s friend Darcy meets Elizabeth, who quickly judged him as a proud man, and tried to avoid him as much as possible.
Back at Longbourn, Mr. Collins arrives for a visit. As Mr. Bennet’s closest male relative,Mr. Collins will inherit the estate after Mr. Bennet’s death. Mr. Collins decided the nice thing to do was to marry one of the Bennet girls in. He had his sight set on Elizabeth, but she found him repulsive since he was always worshiping his boss, Lady Catherine. She rejects his proposal, but he marries Charlotte, one of Elizabeth´s close friends.
As for the two youngest Bennet sisters, somesoldiers have arrived in town. They meet a charming young man named Mr. Wickham, who quickly befriends Elizabeth and tells her a story about how all of his life was destroyed by Mr. Darcy, convincing her that Darcy is all she thought he was. Elizabeth readily believes Wickham’s story, and also learns that Lady Catherine (Mr. Collins’s boss) is Mr. Darcy’s aunt.
Then a letter comes for Jane, sent byBingley´s sister, making it clear that he was no longer interested in her, and that they were going back to London since he was in love with Darcy´s sister.
Jane goes to London in the hopes of winning Bingley back, and Elizabeth went to visit her newlywed friend Charlotte. During her visit, Lady Catherine invited her to have dinner and she knew then that Mr. Darcy was going to visit.
When Mr.Darcy arrives, they kind of fall in love but neither of them know it. In addition, Darcy makes the whole thing even more confusing because he never said more than a few words to Elizabeth nor did he stay even more than ten minutes during his visits. Meanwhile, Elizabeth learns that Bingley was going to propose to Jane but that Darcy intervened. Naturally her dislike for Darcy intensified, butthen Darcy proposed her marriage.
She rejected his proposal and told him what she knew that he’d done. Later he sent her a letter that contained the full story regarding Wickham (that he’s a liar and a gambler, and that he tried to elope with Darcy’s underage sister), and the full story regarding Jane (he was convinced Jane didn’t love Bingley and so tried to save his friend from a woman simplyattracted to his wealth). After reading the letter, Elizabeth regretted rejecting Darcy´s proposal.
Elizabeth´s aunt asked her to accompany her to Derbyshire, which is where Darcy lives. They decided to visit his estate called Pemberley, Elizabeth thought he was out of town, but they ran into him.
That´s when Elizabeth knows that her sister Lydia had run out with Mr. Wickham and her uncle had tosave the situation by getting them married. But who really saved the Bennet’s family honor was Darcy, and when Elizabeth finds out about this, her love for Darcy grows fonder. Mr. Bingley married Jane, and Mr. Darcy asked Elizabeth to marry him, again, and this time she said yes.

* Personal response:
This is the first time that I finish reading this novel. I had started reading it many...
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