Pride and prejudice analize plot

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Elizabeth Bennet is one of the central characters in the story. She is around of the 20 years old. Elizabeth is the most gorgeous and intellectual ofthe Bennet sisters. Since the first moment in that she met Darcy, she falls in love for him.
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is the young man and main leading role of the story. He is around 28years old. Heis the successor of a famous farm in Pemberley.
Mr. Bennet is the father of the Bennet sisters. He has a finicky sense of irritate his wife. He loves his daughter but he rather keeping away of neverending marriage problems of his daughters.
Charles Bingley is a gracious boy. He has only 23 years old. He was in love with Janet. But Mr. Darcy influenced him and he left. Then, he came back andproposed marriage to Janet.
Jane Bennet is the older sister of Bennet and is in love with Charles Bingley. Her character is contrasted with Elizabeth's as sweeter, shyer, and equally sensible, but notas clever, her most notable trait is a desire to see only the good in others.

Rising Action
The first conflict is when Mr. Collins proposed marriage to Elizabeth and she refused him. Then, hermother want forced her to marry with Mr. Collins but she doesn’t want. Her father is totally agreed with Elizabeth.
The main conflict is the social and economic differences between both families.Also, the incessant struggle of Mrs. Bennett in wanting to marry her daughters to wealthy men.

Darcy and Elizabeth are over the rain. Then, Darcy finally tells Elizabeth how he feels, sayinghe can repress his emotions no longer, and Elizabeth counters with a, "if you were the last man alive, I still wouldn't marry you". She finally vents all her anger over what Mr. Darcy has done to Janeand to Mr. Wickham. And he left.
Falling Action
Lydia runs off with Wickham, potentially ruining the Bennet family name forever. And her mother said that if Lydia goes off with Wickham to...
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