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Activity 13
Circles and circumferences
What is a circumference? It’s a set of points of a plane are equidistant from a fixed point called center.

What is a circle? Ellipse in which the two axesare equal length.

What is the arc? Is any portion of a circumference. To represent an arc we use the symbol ˆ.

Next you will be identify the lines and segments of line and related with thecircumference and it will be given a definition of each one of them. In the next figure it is shown a circumference with the lines related to it.

What is the radio? Is any line segmentthat joins the center with any point of the circumference.

What is the diameter? Is any lien segment that joins two points of the circumference that passes through the center.

What is the rope? Isany line segment that joins two points of a circumference.

What is a tangent? Is any line r that touches the circumference in any point.

What is the secant? Is any line that intersects thecircumference in two points.

You will give answer to the following questions, and each answer must be with drawing that represents the concept
What is semi circle?
A geometric shape that forms halfof a circle.

What is a circular center?
Is an area of a circle as an area which is cut from the rest of the circle.

What is a circular sector?
What is an inscribed polygon?
A polygonplaced inside a circle so that all the vertices of the polygon lie on the circumference of the circle.

What is a circumscribed polygon?
A circle if the sides are tangent to the circle.What is an inscribed circumference?
Is the inverse of circumscribed polygon, is when we draw a polygon in a circle.

What is a circumscribed circumference?
What are the tangentcircumferences?

What are the secants circumferences?
Are two circumferences with one common point.

Between a circumference and an angle you can establish different relative positions. Next you...
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