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Financial Decision Making – Project Information

Project is the final part of the subject Financial Decision Making. So you can score 100% maximum. You will do your project separately, so everyperson will have to do his own project.

You will do your project focused on Datamining methods. As I told you, you will receive some databases and you will have to use some datamining methods to gainsome knowledge from the data. It is totally up to you, what business problem you will solve. So your task is to look at the data, then find out, what knowledge you can get from those data, then youwill have to prepare your data, do the modelling and at the end, you will interpret the results.

So concerning the project, at the end you will send me two files:
1. MS Word text document - .doc(.docx)
In this file, you will describe all you did in project in words. This document is similar to reports sent by dataminers in companies to managers. Your work should consist of followingpoints:
• Business Problem Description – description of the business problem, what you will try to solve thanks to data you have. You can pretend you are a dataminer in big company, or that you area worker at some Research Institute. It is up to you, how will you make this project more interesting(
• Database – short description of the database and the description of fields you used forsolving of this business problem (modelling)
• Methodology – description of all the work you had to do for good results. In this paragraph, you are asked to write about data preparation – differentoperations with fields and records. Maybe you can add some graphs, which will explain your data preparation. Then, you are asked to write about the modelling, which models you chose, comparation ofresults of the models, which ones were the most precise.
• Results – presentation of the results – what knowledge you found in the data. Discussion about the results, what do they tell us. How...