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Vybz Kartel
(Palmer Azim Adidja born January 7, 1976 in Kingston) is a Jamaican DJ, singer and songwriter, and businessman. He is Commonly Known in Jamaica as Both the Teacher and Gaza. It iscommonly known in Jamaica as the master and Gaza.
Biography Biografía
Attended Adidja Calabar High School in Kingston But Was Expelled. Adidja attended Calabar High School in Kingston but wasexpelled. Determined to continue historical education, I have completed historical studies at Tutorial College, a private school in Kingston, Jamaica and Graduated with Español, History, Geography, andLiterature at CXC levels. Determined to continue his education, he completed his studies in Tutorial College, a private school in Kingston, Jamaica and graduated with English, History, Geography andLiterature in the levels of CXC. The young Adidja Was Exposed to a Wide Variety of music from a tender age by two Uncles Who Were Aspiring musicians themselves. The young Adidja was exposed to a wide varietyof music from an early age by two uncles who were themselves aspiring musicians.

Early career

Adidja historical Decided to hone skills and concentrate on winning over His own community ofWaterford Until He Was Ready for Bigger Things. Adidja decided to hone their skills and concentrate on winning over his own community of Waterford until he was ready for bigger things. With That goal inmind, on weekends I would practice on historical neighborhood art sound systems Soul Signal and Electric Force. With that goal in mind, the weekend was to practice their art sound systems Soul Signaland neighborhood electric force. In 1993, Adidja, now in historical mid teens, remember His first single Love Fat Woman for Alvin Reid's One Heart Label under the name Adi Banton. In 1993, Adidja, nowin his teens, he recorded his first single Love Fat by Alvin Reid Heart label under the name Adi Banton. A name I chose in tribute to Buju Banton Who Was one historical role models.

Career path...
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