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Advanced English IV

Name ______________________________ ID ______________________________

In order to fulfill the requirements for the third partial project, which isthe delivery of a recorded opinion comparing and contrasting two short stories of the same genre, you will use the link provided in this handout to select the two stories. (Link: Teacher approval is required.

Academic Objective:
• Students will be able to use a variety of literary terms.
• Students will be able to compare and contrast two shortstories.
• Students will be able to deliver their own opinion in a recorded format.

You will:
1. Fill the Character Analysis Chart for the protagonist and antagonist characters for eachstory.
2. Fill in the Plot &Conflict Chart for each story.
3. Identify elements of figurative language that were used in each story.
4. (Both charts are found under the Activities foldercalled Pdf files).
5. Fill in a comparison and contrast chart.
6. Write a 400 word comparison and contrast essay with a clear position statement. Follow the comparison and contrast essayformat: introduction, 3 paragraph body that follows pattern A or pattern B. Body paragraphs should include an opinion as to how you rate each story. You can refer to the literary elements when giving youropinion. The conclusion should include an insight or personal reflection and a comment as to how you rate each story or the author´s literary skills. The use of the personal pronoun I is acceptable.The essay should comply with the grammar and structure requirements for Advanced English students.
7. Record your personal opinion 1.5 to 3 minutes max. Upload it onto you Bb

Your maingoal is to record yourself giving a personal opinion on the two short stories you selected. Your recording should sound natural and spontaneous, even though you have written an essay do not read...
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