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The future with 'Will' is used in a variety of situations discussing the future. Use the following forms with 'will'. Notice that 'will' or 'won't' is used for ALL subjects.
Subject + will+ base form of verb + object(s)
Subject + will + not + base form of verb + object(s)
(Question Word) + will + subject + base form of verb?
Used for spontaneous decisions.Spontaneous decisions are decisions made AT the moment of speaking.
Jack's hungry. I'll make her a sandwich.
That's difficult! I'll help you with the problem.
Used for predictions:
ExamplesIt will snow tomorrow.
She won't win the game.
Used for scheduled public events
The concert will begin at 8 o'clock.
When will the train leave?
The class won't start next week.
Usedfor promises
Will you marry me?
I'll help you with your homework after class.

'Will' does not change its form.
I, you, he, she, it, we, they      will
'Will' is often shortened to...'ll.

'Will' on its own is not used for things we have arranged or decided to do.
"Will" is usually used in these situations:-
|Volunteering to do something: |(The phone isringing). I'll answer it. |
|Promising to do something: |(A friend is leaving) I'll visit you in the summer.|
|Deciding to do something : |(Your car won't start) I'll buy a new car. |
|Ordering someone to do something: |(Yourchild won't do their homework) You'll do your homework now! |
|Predicting something will happen |(Winter is coming) I think it will be a cold winter.|

Sometimes you can use 'will' as a threat.
Don't move or I'll shoot!
!Note! 'Will' is often used with think - "I think I will ..."
|  |Positive (+)...
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