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white shark

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is a species of elasmobranch Lamniformes Lamnidae family found in warm and temperate waters of most oceans. This species is the only onethat survives today of the genus Carcharodon.
Common names
The species Carcharodon carcharias receives numerous names throughout its range. In Spanish, the most common names are white sharks andgreat white shark (the latter influenced by the official English name, great white shark). The name "white" is because in some old trees, over the years, have been clearing the pitch black of his back toa light gray, and white along the belly, give the appearance of being white . And like sharks they are, continue to grow throughout his life and the older larger, hence the "Great White".

InSpain, the traditional name of medieval origin (remember that the very word shark comes from the Carib language, and therefore not incorporated into Spanish until the sixteenth century) identifies it assilky (augmentative check, threat), a name with with different adjectives applies to many other species of the family Carcharhinidae. There is also the name Great White Shark, arising from the mergerbetween the former name and the white shark, more popular today. The name of porbeagle sharks, as it is sometimes mentioned, can lead to confusion with other species of sharks.
The most frequentlength among adult white sharks is from 4 to 7 meters (males smaller than females), although cases have been cited for outstanding individuals who went far beyond these measures. At present there isno guarantee what really is the size cap "or maximum in this species, a fact reinforced by the existence of old notes and unreliable truly gigantic animal. Several of these cases are discussed in thebook The Great White Shark (1991) by Richard Ellis and John E. McCosker, both experts on sharks.

For decades, many reference books in the field of ichthyology and the Guinness Book of World...
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