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Competencies to develop:
• Identify the characteristics of matter to recognize it in the surroundings.
• Solve unit conversion problems to apply them in real situations.
• Assume responsibilityand commitment to protect the environment.

Instructions: Solve the following case. Justify your answers with knowledge acquired in this unit and with mathematical processes. You may use on lineresources
You work for the Mayor of the city of Monterrey, in the team in charge of implementing the City Municipal Development Plan 2010-2012.

One of the objectives is to “promote theparticipation of the community, (…) in order to collaborate with the municipal authorities in the decision making towards a sustainable development of the environment.”

A citizen shows up at the office with a beaker containing a uniform gray liquid.

--“I water my house’s garden using an underground well. Today, I obtained this sampleand I wish to know if the water is safe for my garden. If not, which is the purifying process with which it can be treated?

Your job is to provide an answer to the questions of this citizen.Answer the following:
a) According to what was mentioned before, classify the substance contained in the beaker as a pure substance/homogeneous mixture/heterogeneous mixture/element/compound. Justifyyour answers with theoretical concepts covered during this learning unit.

The liquid mentioned before its homogenous because it has a uniform composition even though it’s mixed; it is a compoundbecause it has to elements mixed like water.

b) Which separation processes will be effective to separate the liquid? Justify your answers with theoretical concepts covered during this learning unit.Distillation to separate the liquids by boiling them and filtrating it by separating the solids form the liquid.
c) Answer the following book exercises, include the mathematical procedures....
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