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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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Soviet Unit Summary

Conscript: These standard Soviet infantrymen are cheap to produce, making them perfect for en masse attacks. Bum-rush the showski, comrade.

Engineer: These highly trained technicians may be defenseless on the battlefield, but they're indoorsy types anyway: Engineers can capture enemy buildings, heal friendly buildings, detect and disarm Ivan bombs.

Attack Dog:Unlike humans, attack dogs, with their canny sense of smell, can detect disguised units such as spies. Their bite is as bad as their bark: they can take out infantry with one lunge.

Heavy Tank: This standard tank has no bells or whistles, but can easily punch through defensive lines when fortified with conscripts.

Half Track: This anti-infantry/anti-air APC is Russia's way of fighting airpollution -- in other words, U.S. air strikes. Also, it can also carry infantry, getting them around the map in style.

V3 Rocket Launcher: This piece of artillery is all about spreading the love: its wide range of splash damage is a bane to massed units.

Kirov Airship: This surprisingly well-armored blimp boasts monster iron bombs that are excellent for intensive attacks against bases; betteryet, the Kirov never needs to re-arm.

Desolator: These radiation-spewing soldiers got a real bad case of the cooties, turning terrain into impassable wastelands to thwart enemy movement.

Tesla Trooper: The Telsa Trooper has a thing for tanks -- destroying them, that is. Tesla Troopers can also power up Tesla Coil attacks for some extra zap.

MCV: The roving workhouse of the Soviet army,this vehicle plants the seed from which pretty Red flowers -- i.e., Soviet bases -- grow.

War-Miner: This standard ore collector doesn't need backup: it carries a powerful 20mm cannon that can put the hurt on infantry and light vehicles.

Terror Drone: The Terror Drone is a gremlin-like robot that scurries into enemy vehicles; once inside, it deploys some high-tech saws to slice and dicethe enemy unit.

Apocalypse Tank: This juggernaut of a tank relies on brute force to get the job done, pummelling enemy walls, pill-boxes and sentry guns. Its air attack is equally vicious.

Crazy Ivan: The resourceful Ivan can plant a bomb on anything in the game -- even cows (call it the McBomb). When he's deployed, things go boom, fall down. When upgraded to Chrono Ivan, he's got time onhis side, "chronoing" around the map to do his dirty work.

Yuri: Having graduated beyond bending silverware, Yuri can mind-control a single enemy unit, or -- if he's taken his Gingko -- deploy to give off a psychic wave that kills all infantry in the area (except units immune to psionics). A Yuri Prime upgrade increases the range of his mind-control ability.

Armored Transport: Get on thebus: This transport vehicle can carry 10 infantry or two vehicles each, adding extra mobility to Soviet forces.

Typhoon Attack Sub: This Soviet naval raider stays submerged -- and usually undetected -- when moving around. Its torpedoes turn naval targets into flotsam fast.

Dreadnought: This powerful Soviet warship fires nasty long-range missiles which are vulnerable to AA weapons.

GiantSquid: Never big fans of sushi, the Soviets use these mind-controlled creatures of the deep to latch onto enemy ships to slow them down or even drag them under. Squid are a useful defense against Allied SEALs and Dolphins.

Flak Trooper: This unit specializes in blowing a different brand of chunks; the shrapnel-shooting Flak Trooper is effective against air units as well as ground infantry.Flak Track: This flak-firing vehicle can pound ground infantry and air units, as well as carry a full complement of grunts.

Sea Scorpion: A swift anti-air speedboat.

Tesla Tank: The Ukrainians have long been the most advanced users of Tesla's super-science. Their invention and use of the Tesla Tank gives them a decisive advantage on the battle field, allowing them to combine...
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