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Ramón anibal Paez
Gina Gómez
October 25 2010

The Holocaust was sponsored, systematic persecution and mass murder of European Jews and other groups carriedout by German Nazi and its allies between 1933 and 1945. All European Jews were victims of the Holocaust, but not all the victims were Jews, like other people that hadmentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war and Jehovah’s Witness.
Most German Jews who considered themselves fully German in appearanceand attitude were confused by these new forums of anti-Semitism that focused on their supposed biological and not religious differences. In Nazi Germany, Jews were forbiddento convert to Christianity.

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Holocaust Time Line

1933: National Boycott of Jewish Businesses
1935: Jews thatdied in the First World War are no longer to be memorialized and Marriage between Jews and non-Jews prohibited.
1936: Jews banned from the swimming pools in Dusseldorf,Baden and other cities.
1937: Jews in concentration camps can be released only if they show proof that they will leave Germany.
1938: Jews required assuming the names“Israel” (male) or “Sarah” (female), Jewish children expelled from school.
1939: World War 2 begins
1940: First Nazi controlled Ghettos formed in Poland, thousands ofcultural leaders are killed in mass shootings.

1942-1943: Constructions of the Death Camps, Deportations of Polish and other European Jews to killing centers such asAuschwitz, Belzec, Treblinka, Sobibor.
1944: The last major Jewish community left in Europe deported to Auschwitz and killed upon arrival, estimate 450,000 Hungarian Jews.
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