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  • Publicado : 15 de julio de 2010
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When I was promoted as an Assistant Manager, at the restaurant I had been working since my senior year in High School, I never thought that I would be facing many ethical dilemmas. Thankfully, thesehad helped me sharpen my character.
Right after being promoted, I got transferred to another location because one of the managers was leaving to go to school full time. The same day I startedworking, I began looking through the entire store’s paperwork. And I noticed something was not right. The report that summarized all the employees hours had an employee that was not in listed in the weeklyschedule. Since this was a fast food restaurant, it was not rare to find this since the turnover was very high. But something that caught my attention was that the report showed that the employeewas clocked in and out by a manager. Since I was new, I did not know if I could trust the other managers in charge so I started asking the employees about this person. Several of them told me sheused to work at the restaurant but had quit long time ago. Another employee even told me that she was a relative of one of the managers. This last finding confirmed my suspicion. Someone had beenclocking in and out an employee that was not currently working. Later, I found the payroll report and it showed that this person has been getting paid without even working.
At that precise moment I wasvery confused. It was just my first day and I had discovered this big fraud that was going on. However, I did not know who to talk to. My immediate supervisor was the general manager who must haveknown this since he was the one that submitted the payroll report to the CPA office. I knew since the very beginning I could not let this going on any further. I decided to talk to the owner. Icalled him and ask him to meet me after the restaurant closed. I showed him all my findings and he made some calls to make sure the checks had been issued and paid. After confirming all the facts he...
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